How to Perform Exercise Ball Abdominal Crunches

This low-intensity exercise strengthens your abdominals by elevating your feet as you lift your upper torso.

Method One of Four:
Getting in the Starting Position

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    Make sure to give your limbs enough space when placing the down.
  2. 2
    Lie down on the floor with your back on the floor and your legs propped up on the at a right angle. Get closer to the ball if you don't feel stable, or position the ball directly against a wall.
  3. 3
    Place your hands behind your head (fingers unclasped) and tighten your abs to straighten out your spine (there should be no space between the curved part of your spine and the floor). Inhale as you hold this neutral position.

Method Two of Four:
Performing the Exercise

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    Exhale and lift your shoulders so that your chest gets closer to your hips. Your head should remain aligned with your neck as you gently lift your upper body off the floor. Make sure not to strain your neck or shoulders as you raise yourself up; your abs should be doing most of the work.
  2. 2
    Inhale again and return to neutral position. As soon as you shoulder blades are resting on the floor, begin lifting your upper body toward your knees once again. Continue doing these crunches for the recommended number of reps.

Method Three of Four:
Advanced Version

  1. 1
    To make this exercise more challenging you can do the crunch movement while stretching your arms out behind you past your head, holding one hand in the other.
  2. 2
    You can also hold a dumbbell in your hands to make it a little more difficult to raise yourself up, which will intensify the workout for your abs. Make sure that your abdominal muscles are strong enough to comfortably support the extra weight of the dumbbell so that you don't put unwanted stress on your lower back or shoulders.

Method Four of Four:

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    Do 5 repetitions of this exercise per set. Repeat until you've completed 2 to 3 sets.
  2. 2
    In order to start seeing/feeling results, aim to do 3 sets 5 days a week for 6 weeks. For faster results, increase the number of sets/times per week you do this exercise.

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  • The benefits of these exercises are increased strength and flexibility in your abdominal muscles.
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  • Those with poor balance should be careful when performing this exercise.
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  • Potential injuries that may be incurred if this exercise is performed incorrectly are strained neck muscles and sore abs.
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Things You Need

  • Exercise ball (make sure the size of the ball is suitable to your height)
  • Dumbbells (optional)
  • Towel (optional)

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